Join Us At One Of Our Signature Events

We host a number of signature events for our community to help reduce stigma, promote wellness, provide health education and safer sex techniques, and create access to health-related services and programs.

In observance of National Women and Girls HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

Join us for the 13th Annual Hats Off To Women™ symposium, a celebration of remarkable women and their achievements!  This year’s theme is “Prioritizing Women’s Health: Protecting and Caring For You”, the event will take place on Thursday, March 7, 2024, at the vibrant The Gathering Spot ATL in Atlanta. Ladies show support, wear a Hat!

Empowerment Resource Center host its Annual Hats Off To Women™, in observance of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, to heighten the awareness of the HIV Epidemic among women and girls.  Hats Off To Women™ is designed to put an intimate setting and dialogue around the impact of HIV on women and girls.  This event focuses on HIV prevention, transmission modes, and barriers to HIV prevention efforts to dispel misconceptions and increase the likelihood of reducing at-risk behaviors.


The Hats Off To Women™ symposium will consist of a presentation, followed by a panel discussion led by fearless and remarkable women taking center stage, sharing their journeys, and imparting wisdom gained from their experiences.  The panelists will share their individual processes of identifying and reinforcing personal strengths, which enabled them to appreciate their own self-efficacy, manage, and maintain long-term medical treatment goals, in spite of overwhelming stigma and health inequities. From entrepreneurs and innovators to leaders and change-makers, this event is a tribute to their indomitable spirit and resilience.

You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, forge new friendships, and enjoy an exceptionally elegant dinner.  This incredible event aims to inspire, empower, and uplift women and girls from all lifestyles. Through the Hats Off to Women™ symposium, we strive to promote an open dialogue about HIV in our communities.  We truly hope you will support this most worthwhile endeavor.

Ladies grab your friends, put on your favorite hat, and join us for an unforgettable evening at the Annual Hats Off To Women™ symposium!

Empowerment Resource Center is a non-profit, 501( C)(3) community-based organization that provides health-related programs and services to the general public, with a priority focus on women.  Your financial support covers the cost of programs and services focused on the prevention of new HIV infections and improving HIV-related health outcomes for young women. 

Join Us For Our Annual
Take Charge. Get Tested.™ Event

In 2018, ERC set out to amplify our message and reach out to more people in our community.  In order to do this, we began hosting our Community Access Tours, once a month.  This is essentially a one-hour tour of the ERC office and mission.  It is an opportunity for us to introduce others to our work and visit.  At this tour, you will see our work firsthand, learn more about our program, meet our staff, and tour our office space.

At ERC, we see firsthand that many marginalized individuals do not have access to quality resources and care.  Because we know the effects that not having these essentials can have on a person’s life, we choose to provide the best care to everyone we serve regardless of their ability to pay and insurance status. We strive to treat each or our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve no matter what their life situation may be.  With your help, we at ERC can bridge this divide.