If you or someone you love are struggling
with day to day issues, we are here to help!

Empowerment Resource Center offers a variety of Behavioral Health outpatient and community-based prevention, intervention, and treatment services to help people with emotional or behavioral issues, mental health conditions, or substance use concerns.

Outpatient Mental Health Programs

At Empowerment Resource Center, we offer Outpatient Services for any individuals who are dealing with a variety of mental health and co-occurring substance use concerns.
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Addiction Recovery Services

Are you or a family member struggling with an addiction to alcohol, drugs or prescription drugs? ERC is here to listen and to offer strategies to a life free of addiction.
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We Specialize in Ancillary Services

Let us handle your case load. Our team of specialized providers are credentialed to offer both Case Management and Court Mandated Services when needed.
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ERC Provides The
Best Care To Our Clients
At ERC, we believe in collaborating with fellow mental health professionals, physicians, and other care providers to be able to provide our clients with the best possible care.
Caring Staff
Empowerment Resource Center could not possibly fulfill its mission without the involvement of a legion of dedicated people.
Private & Confidential
All Empowerment Resource Center team members adhere to established ethical principles and codes of professional practice, including client confidentiality.
Recovery Focused Approach
We offer support and counseling to help individuals over come challenges based upon their own strengths, needs, abilities, and choices!
Evidenced Based Care
We combine individual's wants, needs and values with a providers' clinical knowledge and skills to achieve positive outcomes for those persons served.
Get The Resources You Need To Stay Informed

Empowerment Resource Center’s Behavioral health staff are dedicated to providing you with the latest resources, news, updates and special offers.