Would you like to become an ERC Ambassador?

The ERC Ambassador Program was born with the purpose of getting dedicated supporters to connect us to their network.  With each passing year, ERC continues to grow as an organization allowing us to provide better care for more underserved individuals.  ERC understand the importance of sharing our mission and vision with passionate people who have the potential to become an ERC volunteer, partner, or ambassador.  We never know who our ambassadors will bring through our doors, but every person brings with them possibilities for the betterment of our city.  We cannot wait to see where the next year takes us.

What You Need To Have

An ambassador is a short term volunteer, who serves to open doors for ERC in the community, introducing new people to the organization through the Community Access Tours.

You must have:

1. Attend at least one Community Access Tour.

2. Bring 10 to 15 guests to a Community Access Tour.

3. Inform guests of what the Community Access Tour will be.

Sign Up to Become An Ambassador

If you would like to join our ERC team by becoming an ERC ambassador, complete the form below: